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Originally Posted by 24thStFan View Post
IMHO the Sox have never acted like a big market team by signing a BIG NAME free agent STAR. If we had one now (e.g., Upton, Wright, etc.) perhaps there would be more "casual fan" interest in this team. Instead we signed Adam Dunn and Jeff Keppinger.

It's a shame the Chicago White Sox have a small market mentality, because we could have dominated the Central division for the last 10 years. Instead we abdicated to Detroit...yes, freaking Detroit!
Adam Dunn was "a BIG NAME free agent STAR" when the Sox signed him. He was indisputably the biggest name on the market that winter. He has sucked since then, but it's just not fair to say the Sox don't sign big name free agents. Moreover, the Sox for the past seven years or so have consistently been in the top five in the AL in payroll.

And I know it's going back a ways at this point, but Albert Belle was a HUGE deal when he was signed.

This franchise absolutely has a habit of half-assing things. But spending on payroll really hasn't been the issue.
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