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Originally Posted by slavko View Post
Nor I. But his qualities resemble Chet's qualities and that may have affected Chet's ratings. The piece is a discussion starter, that's all. He's right on for some and puzzling for others. And if he liked Jon Kelley so much he should have spelled his name right. Jon was clean-cut, professional and seemed to not understand the words he was reading.

Chet thinks his age is a problem all right. Why else would he get a face lift and a hair transplant? Too bad for Chet that he can't get a "refuses to take calls from listeners" transplant. That, IMO, is his main problem.

Pretty much this. He may be right or wrong on some of these thoughts, but it really doesn't matter. He hasn't been relevant in a while. He was, and still is a vain, arrogant, smug person, to put it nicely. He made some laundry list like this a couple years ago too about the radio and TV sports personalities. I remember him opining that one of the female anchors should be back home doing laundry, or something to that affect. This just looks to me like another "Hey, look at me ! I'm still here ! Pay attention to me !!!" ploy. Maybe him and Mike North can start a Webio show together. Oh, wait.......
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