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Originally Posted by Foulke You View Post
This post is proof that bullpen setup man is the most under appreciated job in baseball. Nobody notices when you do your job but they remember those one or two times you didn't get the job done. Crain has been very solid this year and has been an excellent bridge to get to Reed. There are plenty of contending clubs that would love to have a guy like him in their bullpen. However, I don't see the D backs giving up Goldschmidt for him along with an aging Paulie.
If you're referring to the nickname, he had it for several years with the Twins before coming to the South Side. Is it fair to apply to him during his time here? Probably not. Mea culpa.

If you're referring to the setup man role, maybe sabermetrics don't appreciate it either, since his WAR, WPA, and BABIP were better in 2012 than this year (BABIP especially, .229 vs. .313 this season). Is he horrible? No. Is he a lights-out pitcher? No. Just an average middle reliever, and not especially young. We'll see if his ERA reverts to the mean this year.
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