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Originally Posted by My_Sox_Summer View Post
They had all of the red gear at Soxfest this year. Didn't see too much at the garage sale.

As far as bobble heads- this was a a major score.

They had the Crede SoxFest exclusive for $20. Which is a STEAL.. They also had a Thigpen (Fantasy Camp) from years ago, for $10. I didn't get it, but my friend did, and that is a rare one too. Mark Salas (Fantasy Camp) was there too for $5. They also had old Konerkos for $30, Thome $30, Minoso $30, Peavy $15, Ventura $20, Ozzie $20, Konerko/Dye Statues $15, Swisher $20 and Mark B $15 . I also saw a Fisk and one kid had a Hawk and DJ. Lotta bobble heads.

We didn't get in there first, so we did miss a few. They had the Stanley Cup giveaway too for $30. In the mystery bags (which the young lady let me look in them) they had Alexi, Pierre and the ever present Bossard. Thomas statues too. I got a few and gave them out to family, but the one with Bossard had a mini-Southpaw which was only given out to Kids Club members. The Bossard was smashed (and glued back together), but 2 bobbles for $10 isn't too bad.

I was impressed on that part of the sale. I am not a big collector of other stuff, but the prices seemed rather reasonable. I picked up a nice backpack for $5. Winter hat was $3. Books are always pretty cheap and my dad loves that stuff.

From my experience- the garage sale is better than the clubhouse sale. No idea why. Maybe the space. The sale at Soxfest was like the garage sale too. $10 fitted caps, can't beat that. Looking forward to Soxfest '14.
That definitely sounds like a Treasure Trove of bobbleheads. I might need to send someone going a few $$$ if they would snag me a few bobbleheads next year. My downside is that it's always around the NCAA tournament. It's been a good thing that I've missed it the past few years. Now that I'm back from Florida, I really want to go. Maybe next year the times will work out.

Congrats to everyone on their "great gets!"
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