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No, baseball is not that hot a topic right now. But, don't forget, the Hawks have had a wonderful season and are poised to make a very deep run in the playoffs, perhaps playing for a Stanley Cup. And this has always been a good hockey town.

As a kid, I recall the taverns on the South Side with signs saying "we get South Bend tv." For those not old enough to understand why that would be important, allow me to explain. The Hawks' home games were never on television. And if the Bears didn't sell out a home game, that wouldn't be on tv, either. A tv with a strong enough antenna to pick up the South Bend stations would solve both problems. So, if the Hawks were playing Montreal in a playoff game on a Sunday night in Chicago, those bars would be packed with people watching the game broadcast on the CBS (or was it NBC) broadcast from South Bend.

As long as the Blackhawk season continues, the woes of Chicago baseball are surely diminished.
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