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Originally Posted by johnny bench View Post
Let's play a guessing game.

Name the seven MLB franchises that have had no player suspended for use of banned substances since 2005, nor have a player on the list provided by ESPN of potential suspensions as a result of the Biogenesis investigation.

1. Angels
2. Pirates
3. Red Sox
4. Cardinals
5. Braves
6. Cubs
7. White Sox

Now, guess the four MLB franchises that have four players on those two lists:

1. Mariners
2. Mets
3. Yankees
4. Padres

You can do your own research to figure out the names of the six franchises with three players.

When I look at these lists of players I think, these guys were all caught red-handed and they are going to get punished for it, and well they have earned that punishment.

Then I look at the list of teams with the number of suspended players for each. I wonder if the teams with no suspended players have just been lucky to have had no PED users on the team, or, maybe, they actively assess players for risk of PED use and steer away from them.

And then I look at the list of four teams with four suspended players and wonder if they are just unlucky, or maybe they are willing to accept the risk that some of their roster may be PED users. After all, the franchises aren't sanctioned by the league if a player or two or three or four or eight ends up suspended for PED use. Sure they lose a player to suspension, but thats a competitive limit rather than a true financial sanction on the franchise.

There is no way that PED use will be diminished by sanctions on the players alone.
The Sox willingly traded for Tyler Flowers after he was already busted for juicing with the Braves organization so you can forget thinking that they actively assess players for PED use and steer clear. I think it is much more about who got caught than certain teams cheating any more or less than any other team.

In fact, if you take a look at the list of minor league guys busted every organization on your list goes away.
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