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Originally Posted by Dibbs View Post
It was still a ridiculously bad move by Kenny. These injuries may or may not have happened if he stayed with the Sox. Or he could have received a better deal altogether.
Hudson was having serious trouble getting American League hitters out when the White Sox were desperate for starting pitching in a division race. Hudson and Garcia pitching back to back against the A's getting beaten up early against a lineup that featured a couple of career minor leaguers had a rippling effect through the staff, forcing more innings out of the bullpen and starters in subsequent games to go longer than they should have. I don't see how anyone who saw Hudson pitch for the White Sox could have been happy about having him in the rotation. The Sox did what they needed to do to try to stay in the race.

As it turned out, Hudson went to Arizona and had a great run through the rest of the 2010 season. He started to have a rough time in mid-2011, long before he was diagnosed with an arm injury. He wasn't at all a good pitcher in 2012 before he was found to have an injury. It's possible that the changes the Diamondbacks coaches made to his motion and how he attacked hitters made him a superior pitcher. It's also possible that they eventually led to his injury.

It wasn't just his injury, though. Hudson was struggling with the White Sox. He had a very difficult time getting hitters out when he got two strikes on them. Peavy went down, and Hudson wasn't going to come close to replacing him. Based on what I've seen from Hudson before the trade and in the last two seasons, I don't think the White Sox would have been any better off in recent seasons or this year if they hadn't traded Hudson.
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