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Originally Posted by Mr. Jinx View Post
If a guy doesn't sign, does anything count against the pool of draft funds we have? As in is there any sort of cap hold or is it no harm no foul at least from a financial standpoint?

Let's say the Bonus Pool (slotting system) is set at $10mm based on your pick, but you fail to sign 2 players in the Top 10, worth $500K total. Your pool goes down that $500K. Now let's say you draft Jared Cosart now in the 38th round, the most you can offer him is $100K. Anything offered to a pick after the 10th round in excess of $100K is counted against the pool for Top 10 rounds. In other words, if the Astros do what I said above with Moran and Kaminsky and still manage to come in $500k under the cap for the first 10 rounds with no unsigned picks reducing their money, they could draft a Jared Cosart in the 38th and offer him $600K to sign. Half a million of that total would go against their Top 10 round money, bringing them to the max.
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