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Originally Posted by Bucky F. Dent View Post
Any word on Octavio Rodriguez? According to the experts he is the late round flyer with the most potential.
I'm not getting my hopes up too much (mainly because of the indefinite nature of the quote), but he plans to make a decision later in the summer.

Since this is by far the most intriguing of the unsigned draft picks (and the big league club is painful to watch), I want to play the speculation game a bit. According to Baseball America, we have $247,800 left to spend of our bonus pool. Now while this amount is specifically meant for the first 10 picks, we can spend it on picks 11-40, but it will count towards the pool. Judging by what bonuses have been awarded for other eighth round picks, and what Baseball America has for our bonus pool +/-, the slot bonus for Chris Freudenberg would be $154,000. If we sign Freudenberg for that slot, that would leave $93,800 of bonus pool money for Rodriguez, plus the $100,000 maximum for players after round 10.

Now will $193,800 be enough to sign Rodriguez? Probably not. It will take some shrewd negotiating with our last signing to get that figure well north of $200k, and perhaps the White Sox taking a 75% penalty tax on whatever amount over the pool it takes to get Rodriguez to skip Oklahoma and start his professional career. More importantly, it'll take Rodriguez passing on playing in Norman, which will likely be the biggest hurdle. He seems to be very excited to work with Oklahoma pitching coach Jack Giese, who has worked with CC Sabathia and Clayton Kershaw. The chance to get that kind of tutelage for 3 years must have his confidence very high, high enough to make himself believe that he could be a first-round talent.

My guess is it'll take at least $300,000 minimum to pull him away from OU. I would be surprised if we offer that, and would be even more surprised if Rodriguez were to take it. Money talks, though. We'll see.

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