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I really don't think we need to do a pull-down rebuild, and frankly it's a hard sell for this franchise and fanbase especially with the current ownership.

With the young pitching we already have and continue to develop, what's necessary is a contract cleanout and selling high on young underperforming assets to with the result of bringing in the next group of younger offensive talent, augmented by some key FA signings.

Contracts expiring:

2013: Konerko, Floyd, Crain, Wise; Deal Konerko and Crain at deadline.
2014: Dunn, Rios buyout; Deal Rios this year, Dump Dunn next year, and eat cash if needed.
2015: Peavy, Keppinger, Beckham, DeAza; Peavy could be moved as early as this deadline if healthy, but I'd keep him longer to maximize value. Someone may take Keppinger off our hands before then.

Sell high:

I'd move Beckham and Viciedo while their contracts are low and trade value fairly high. IMO, last offseason was the best time to move both. Not sure if anyone would give us something decent for Flowers at this point, as he's obviously a AAAA player. I'd only consider moving Sale if we got an All-star bat in return.

This would bring back both prospects and payroll room. We'd be in for a tough 2014, but could be back as contenders as early as 2015, akin to what Boston did last year.
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