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Originally Posted by TheVulture View Post
No way do I trade Sale. What for? So I can get a prospect who hopefully becomes half the pitcher Sale is when I have Sale wrapped up at a reasonable rate until 2019? If the Sox can't rebuild by 2019, I don't think trading Sale is going to help much.

The Sox can trade Rios, Crain, Reed, maaaaybbeee Konerko if he hits well over the next few weeks. They might even be able to trade Lindstrom or Thornton for a decent prospect if some teams are desperate for bullpen depth. That's a decent start, along with Floyd coming off the books. The Sox will have a lot of payroll available over the next two years, I just don't see the point in trading Sale.
See, I think now is the perfect time to EXPLORE trading Sale. You have all the power. But lets say the Rangers called, and offered you something stupid, Profar, Olt, Martin Perez and Joey Gallo or Cody Buckel, how do you say no to that with the state of this team?
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