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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
The Sox do need to do a better job of scouting, drafting and developing. That's obvious. But the bigger problem here is tying up too much money in just a handful of players. For years, the Sox have suffered from having a top-heavy roster. Now, the guys who are making the bucks have stopped producing, and this is what you get -- a team that's completely out of balance and stuck between a rock and a hard place in the short run.
We both get it, I think, but people keep simplifying each others' thoughts, and that's a problem. But, does it not come down to trusting and committing to one approach over the other? I feel we've given the patch-work, rebuild on-the-fly, ALL-IN, Mark Kotsay DH and Adam Dunn 56 mil. route a full go at it.

I don't doubt any GM's ability to turn a team around quickly, relatively speaking. But if the Sox were the Rays (or the Twins of several years ago), I think we'd be making the playoffs more consistently and have an edge if we did make the playoffs, due to the emphasis on contact hitting, going the other way, pitching and defense etc. We already preach some of that, but you get what I mean. Since you don't have to rely as much on FA or finding lightning in a bottle, you don't have to do stupid things like the Rays would probably never do (even if they had the money), like sign Dunn to that contract. And I get it, it's not just Dunn.

But it is the cronyism, the dysfunction, and the sad state of play that lead me to believe that things may very well continue down a similar path until things are a bit more seriously shaken up. This is compounded by the fact that, although maybe not not fully ready to become a winner, teams like the Royals and Indians have again started down the path that has lead to spending a bit of dough and they are at least pretending to be competitive.
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