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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
I'm not saying give Sale away by any means, but if you're not trading him that's still money that could have been spent on scouting, development, the japanese market, etc. You're right it's not that much money, but why spend it if you can get something to speed up your return for less money (and more years overall, since the clock starts on those pieces closer to your team's arrival date).
The Sox could pare down the payroll significantly each of the next two seasons without dumping Sale. You think his value is highest now, what if he puts up CY award seasons the next two years(including this one), his trade value would be through the roof. He'd still have three years at 9 mil/yr with two option years left. I'd rather the Sox hold on to him, if it looks hopeless in three years, then trade him. Giving up young ace pitchers doesn't usually turn out well, it's not like they're just growing on trees.
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