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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Yeah, they'd have to give us a ton more in prospects for this to make sense. Unless the team thinks Either could break out and then be dealt for more prospects. Certainly isn't in the future plans given his age.
With all the salary the Sox would give up, they'd have to take on a player such as Ethier I'd imagine.

Amongst the prospects here we have the Dodger's top rated hitting prospect, their closest rotation prospect and a potential closer. With Peavy on the DL and Ramirez's questionable play of late, how much can you expect?

If the Sox end up trading Rios, we'll have a somewhat comparable player to replace him, numerous quality prospects (ok, I see you don't think much of Magill but Sickels had him rated B- preseason) and a reduced payroll. Sounds like a pretty good start to me.
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