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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
Cooper obviously didn't correct this issue with Liriano, but it doesn't mean he's not one of the best pitching coaches in the majors, and it doesn't make what I posted untrue.
Oh I agree, I think Cooper is exceptional.

Originally Posted by Foulke You View Post
If Liriano holds the line on this I would be shocked. The Twins felt they had him "fixed" many times in his career there until they finally gave up. He would go through stretches like this in Minnesota (2006, part of 2008, and all of 2010) where he would pitch well and dominate and then his mechanics would get all wonky again the following year. Consistency has always been the issue with Liriano. This isn't me being an apologist for Coop, it is just who Liriano is as a pitcher.
Liriano hasn't looked this good since before he was seriously injured. He hasn't been "fixed" by any stretch since then. He's been effective, but always effectively wild. This is different. He's a new kind of good, one that looks like he's making good on the potential he showed when he entered the league.
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