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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Yep. All of them.

Or, you know, you could educate yourself. Because it's true.

There hasn't been a single 10+ year career in the last 112 years of baseball where a starting pitcher threw with a true inverted W without serious and career threatening (or ending) incident. Not a single case.

And someone will look it up and come up with names like Glavine, Smoltz, Blylevin, etc. But none of those guys threw a true inverted W. In a true inverted W, the elbow can (and does frequently) raise about the shoulder. That's what causes catastrophic injury. At a 100% rate. Absolute. 100%.

In case you were wondering, it's still 100%.

Did you look it up yet? 100%.

I'm not knocking the argument that pitch counts are to blame in a lot of cases, I believe that to be true. My issue is with the way Sale pitches. It's 100% a ticking time bomb. It's not a matter or if, it's a matter of when. And the more pitches he throws, the sooner when is.
Here's why people don't take you more seriously.

I want to take you seriously. I really do. But when you pull this shtick, it is like talking to the guy who claims the moon landing was faked.
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