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Originally Posted by WLL1855 View Post
I've got better things to do but feel free to jump on that bandwagon.
I'm being an *******, but I'm only being an ******* because you were being an ******* first. It's not a schtick. It was an accurate statement. If Chris Sale pitched his entire career injury free without changing his throwing motion, he would be the FIRST starter in baseball history to do so with his motion. There's a lot of different things out there on the inverted W being safe or not. There was a big deal a few years back when some guys "disproved it" by pointing to variations on it, and then the people talking about how horrible it was clarified to mean a specific motion in which the elbow raises above the shoulder at a certain point in the motion, and then the guys who said it was "safe" said, "oh, you're cherry picking and changing your argument." I could care less about the semantics, the truth is that Sale throws it the only way that's actually been proven to be 100% detrimental to the structure of his elbow and shoulder. So when I say that using baseball history to say that Sale should throw more would be an inaccurate statement it's because even the guys that threw more that had his mechanics got hurt.
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