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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
Wise has been on the DL throughout this entire freefall, yet he's still public enemy No. 1 for some folks. No, he is not part of the solution, but damn, why are we always so quick to blame guys who are toiling on the margins anyway? Wise's impact on this season, positively or negatively, has been minimal at best.

And, Francoeur is among the worst players in the major leagues. We already have plenty of guys who suck. He is not an upgrade over Wise or even Jordan Danks. He'd just be a different person for people to bitch about.
If Wise were healthy and cut by the White Sox at the same time Francour was released by the Royals, I have no doubt Wise would be in a major league uniform before Wise. GMs like Wise far more than fans do, not that there is a very high bar there.
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