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Went to a game there a few years ago, there is not a bad seat in the place except maybe in the 4th deck which might be a bit too high and steep. All depends on how much you want to pay. The setting of the park is beautiful as its set in Chavez Ravine. The main sections of the grandstand are built into part of the mountain of the ravine and when you are in the parking lot right behind home plate you are actually on level with the 4th deck. The parking lot has levels and decline on either way from home plate so if you are sitting in the 3rd level you would park in the corresponding level. same with level 2 and level 1 which is on ground level. There is also parking on ground level behind the outfield stands.

This photo shows the levels of the parking lots. We parked in the level 3 parking lot between home plate and 3rd base as our seats were in the first row of the 3rd deck just to the left of home plate.
One other thing, Dodger Stadium opened its doors 51 years ago and has been so well maintained that it looks like it was built last year.
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