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Default Deep Thoughts

1) I keep reading on some of these posts that the White Sox have to completely blowup this team. I realize that the defense and baserunning has been bad this year, but still the main reason this team is in last place is simply because IT CAN'T HIT. All Hahn has to do this off season is sign 2 or 3 free agents who can hit and keep the core of this pitching staff together. Sign the Mariners K. Morales, Orioles outfielder McLouth, and Braves catcher McCann this offseason and I will take my chances with them. The 1976 White Sox were one of the worse teams in baseball. During the offseason Veeck acquired 3 good hitters (Zisk, Gamble and Soderholm) and the team won 90 games in 1977. That 1977 team had no pitching and it still won 90 games. This present White Sox team has pitching, it simply needs hitting to contend for the Playoffs in 2014.
2) I keep reading on this website how the White Sox should develop a plan like the Cubs have. Recently the Cubs have given BIG long term contracts to Castro and Edwin Jackson. As bad as the White Sox contract with Adam Dunn has been, the contracts given to Castro and Jackson aren't any better. If giving contracts to Castro and Jackson is a major part of their plan they're in deep trouble, and it simply shows me they don't know what they're doing.
3) I find it very difficult to believe that JR would be happy about blowing up this entire team. At his age, I don't think he wants to see an entire team blownup and then be in last place the next 2-3 years. If this team is blownup and has real low payrolls, that would indicate to me that JR is going to sell the team. It's easier to sell a team that doesn't have big longterm contracts on the books.

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