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Originally Posted by jamokes View Post
Maybe demographics isn't the right word to use but I'm amazed to watch, compare fans at other parks to our fans in the good seats.

You watch Homer Bailey pitch the no hitter the other night and you watch the fans they show on tv and almost all the seats are taken and the average age of those fans looks to be 40+ ish. Same thing in Boston.

Then you watch our games at the Cell and our fan base in the seats is nothing like other teams. We have lots of kids.....why is this?
Kids are not a bad thing as they will become adult Sox fans as will their kids.
Do you know how many kids went to Wrigley Field back in the 50s and 60s because they played day ball and Wrigley was easy to get to, quite a few and they grew up remained Cub fans and continued to go to Wrigley as adults and their kids will do the same thing. It did not help that the Cubs had WGN TV all to themselves after 1967 and kids would come home from school and catch the last few innings of a game. I did all that but I was born a Sox fan and remained a Sox fan.
All that being said I haven't noticed that many kids at Sox games unless you are just looking at Family Sunday's.
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