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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
You traded Morel's defense for Keppinger, who's a butcher, and A.J.'s passable defense for another butcher. You already had a butcher in left. Konerko/Dunn was bad last year and still is. Rios is getting older as well. Alexei's committed a few more errors, but really it's overreaction to blame him for the defensive struggles. He's still getting to a ton more balls than most shortstops.

Old teams are bad at defense. Period. This was an old team that added more bad defenders. What was supposed to happen? It played out exactly as anyone who looked at it objectively would have predicted.

Pitching is half the game, yes, (or mostly yes based on how you view defense) but as history has pointed out time and again having half the game doesn't make you a half good team. You don't win games if you can't score just like you don't win games if you can't stop the other team from scoring at will.

Only a true optimist could look at this team and think they could win 80+ games.

I'm not trying to do the "I told you so" thing. I'm trying to get people to not still think that, on paper, this team should compete. That wasn't the case before the season, how anyone could think it now is beyond denial. It's painful to listen to. There's so many other instances where teams actually do face bad luck/breaks that kill them. Just because you're bad doesn't mean you're unlucky. Yeah, we've had injuries. But that's the expecation when you build your roster around old, injury prone players.
Weren't you the guy who said the Tigers would challenge for the best record ever? I love how you talk down to anyone who was optimistic about the Sox even though your win total prediction for the Tigers will be even farther off.
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