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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
For the record, we are 7th in the AL in ERA and 17th in baseball at 3.99. Both rankings are middle of the pack. So it's not like we were in danger of being the first last place team to lead baseball in ERA (if that truly didn't already happen). We're almost an entire run off. Heck, we're even middle of the pack in our own division. I don't get the constant glorification of our pitching. It's not a strength. Sale is a strength. The rest of our pitching without Sale's contribution would be woefully below average. He's the reason we're just league average. Think about that. Without Sale, our team ERA is bottom half. Seriously bottom half (since at 17 we're technically already bottom half).
Oh come on. The idea that Danks, Santiago, and Quintana are woefully below average is ridiculous. The back of our pen is terrible, and Axe is, well, Axe. That pulls the stats down.
As it is, Santiago is outpitching VErlander, Quintana >Fister and Danks>Porcello. ( I use that example as you claimed that Detoit has 4 top 20 pitchers on its staff). And if we had Peavy back, our starting staff would be farily comparable to Detroit's (edge to Detroit as I'll assume Verlander is going through just a bad patch). Ours pitch in a more run-friendly park, too. And ours are pitching without the mental edge of being on a winning team.

The problem with this team is bad defense, and atrocious hitting. I think we may have one hitter who is above average and he isn't great (Rios). And the back half of the pen. No use inventing weaknesses that don't exist.
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