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Originally Posted by Harry Chappas View Post
You honestly think the Sox went into this year thinking that they had a legitimate shot at winning the division (or a wild card)?
Yes the organization did believe they had a shot. They chose to allocate their dollars to bringing back Jake Peavy instead of AJ. You don't bring back Jake Peavy this season if you thought you were going to be a .500 team. They had Flowers pegged as the #1 catcher heir for the last few years as a younger, cheaper alternative to the aging AJ. They were expecting a lot more out of Flowers and he has been a flop. Flowers ended up proving to everyone that he is just a backup but I don't believe the Sox viewed him as "AAAA" as you put it. They thought highly of him or they wouldn't have handed him the reigns. Keppinger was supposed to be a great bat handler, be the ideal #2 hitter, cut down on the strikeouts, and make the Sox offense less HR reliant as they were in 2012. Obviously, none of these moves have worked out at all and I'm not trying to defend them but I believe they were all made with an eye towards contending this year.

Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
Good post. Let's not define the Sox within the context of the Cubs. It's two different situations. Just because we don't know what the Sox are planning doesn't mean the front office doesn't have a plan.

I do realize the Cubs came out and said, "We're rebuilding. It's going to be a long process. Be patient with us." That's nice. Good for them. It seems some fans are expecting the Sox to make a similar annoucement. Well, what if the Sox have no intention of undertaking a Cubs' style rebuild? They aren't going to come out and announce that when that's not their intention. Why would they?
Yep. I also don't expect much in the way of announcements either. It's just not in their nature to call press conferences to say "we have a plan and please bear with us". Under the stewardship of KW, the team operates in the shadows. I don't expect this to change under Hahn. The only info you get comes from leaks from other GMs letting the media know they talked to the Sox about a certain guy. The trades and roster moves they make in the next 1 to 6 months will show the fans what direction the franchise is headed, not a catchy marketing phrase like the "Kids Can Play" nor a GM holding a press conference talking about a rebuild.
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