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Originally Posted by Harry Chappas View Post
You honestly think the Sox went into this year thinking that they had a legitimate shot at winning the division (or a wild card)? They got rid of one of their steadiest offensive contributors in AJ and replaced him with a glorified AAAA backstop. The Keppinger deal was just filler and wasn't going to put us over the hump.

Even the most optimistic among us didn't figure we had much of a shot this year to say nothing of the collective opinion of the media that had the Sox pegged as a .500 team, at best.
I think they did. The problem was they weren't willing to do what it took to have a good chance to turn the tables. They made a weak effort to shore up the offense, and hurt the defense with the small effort they made (Keppinger). And they signed Wise to be the top bench bat, which wasn't close to a serious effort.
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