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Originally Posted by WisSoxFan View Post
Hasn't he mentioned being the only guy to fire Tony LaRussa a few times in broadcasts as well?
I doubt it. You see if Harrelson spoke about firing LaRussa, or trading Bobby Bonilla, or forcing Carlton Fisk to play leftfield - well then he would be resorting to the truth.

It's so much easier to just make up stories incorporating dead people about trades which you tried to make.

"Mercy..............Stone Pony...............when I was the General Manager of this team I spoke to a now deceased advanced scout about the availability of a high school kid who would soon become a big home run hitter in the major leagues, a now deceased general manager about getting a pitcher who went on to win multiple Cy Young Awards, and a now deceased owner about getting a player who has since died, who if you knew who I was talking about would have made a world...............and I mean a world of difference."
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