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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
I witnessed the 1970 team and never in my worse nightmares did I believe I would ever see a repeat of that season but here we are in 2013 and it looks like it might happen. The good news is things can turn around in no time, the 71 Sox under Chuck Tanner and some nice trades by Roland Hemond improved by 23 games and won 79 games. Richie Allen came aboard in 1972 and we almost won the division. We went 87-67 in 72 in a strike shortened season and played .565 ball which comes out to 92-70 in a 162 game season, so theoreticly we improved by 36 games in two short years and contended for a division title and if Melton had not hurt his back the Sox might have won the division.
Yup, they climbed back to repectability and could have gone on a run except for running into those damn reborn mustached A's and Beltin' coming up lame... I even remarked to a Cubs fan friend of mine that I didnt know how he could handle losing like that year in and year out.. 70 was an inevitable crash after 20 years of almost Annies.. I never had known a Sox team that had "LOST" on such an epic scale.. What sucked even more was watching Sox prospects flourish with other organizations. When the Tigers and Mets were winning with former Sox on the roster I just used to shake my head at the woulda couldas...

The 70 team atleast played like they gave a ****.. These guys are past going thru the motions...They dont care if we see them pickin their butts, chewing on their gloves and stompin dandelions... The only thing missing is the sound of the ice cream truck in the backround distracting the pitcher so he heaves one over the backstop and heads for the street...

So with that said... Lets go 1970 White Sox !!!!!


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