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The 1987 White Sox were on a pace to catch the 1970 squad-they were also at 34-52. Then they rallied with a 19-9 September and finished at 77-85. Now I am not saying the 2013 squad has that in them-after all, they are lifeless, gutless, heartless, brainless and every other -less, and are the worst team ever created (and I hope Kenny Williams pays for this!) but there is always hope that this team won't top the 1970 Sox. Don't give up.
"Message to all WSIers who think that Thomas will be a first-or-second ballot Hall of Famer-with guys like Telander holding the "Keys to the Kingdom" and openly campaigning against the DH-I will be kind and say You Are Dreaming. Thomas and his supporters are going to have to shout his case from the rooftops before the BBWAA finally gets the message. " -Some Dope on WSI, 2/13/2010. Whoops, that was me.
Then again, I think I have a promising career as a TV psychic. John Edward, watch out!
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