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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
No way do I want McDonough anywhere near the Sox.

I know he's a Sox fan, but our club has a unique flavor among Chicago teams, and to turn the keys over would make us another bland overhyped club in a forest of them. He's already done that to the Hawks as far as I'm concerned, where just reversing Bill Wirtz's policies and winning would have changed the culture and maintained what the Hawks used to be.

I want new ownership cut from the cloth of Arte Moreno and have him bring in his own people, not some Cub retread wallpapering over the cracks to make the Sox bland and more marketable.
I just do not understand this attitude. I don't want bland announcers, I don't want bland marketing, I don't want a bland experience.

Honestly - Please explain what, exactly, you would like to see the White Sox evolve into?
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