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[QUOTE=russ99;3068747]Market the team and the experience, focusing on the core fanbase and attracting families, not marketing to fleeting fans who go away when things don't go as planned. Agreed - but then you're going to have Chad, Trixie and the kids out there. I have no problem with that, but you seemed to.

Spend to get the best broadcasting teams available, as they do in other cities. They are part of the overall marketing effort, so they should be invested in similarly. I could not agree more.

Tickets are the same prices for all games, and consistent ticketing (same seats, etc.) and incentives for fans going to multiple games. Leverage assets to take ticketing away from Ticketmaster, and partner with provider to have Sox ticketing, not the other way around, like they do on the other side of town. Season ticket holders should be treated as best customers, not looked down upon or used as a cash cow. Agreed - with reduced pricing particularly if you're looking to attract families.

Most of all build a solid team and spend like other big market teams do. There's no reason the Sox shouldn't spend $120M+ on the club if contending. No more "50 cents" and lame excuses to not build the best club they can with the resources they have. No more blaming fans for poor attendance or holding a carrot that they'll spend more if fans show up. It's proven it should be the other way around. Easier said than done.

Hire a professional manager and coaching staff, end the retread former player hires and the good old boy network, and have all coaches report to the manager, not higher up as some either do or used to do. Agreed.


If you've gone to Sox games the last 10 years, you should know the fanbase and traditions well enough. Obviously there probably needs to be some changes there too, but they shouldn't sacrifice the hardcore fans and families to make the Sox experience more marketable to casual fans. Here we disagree. 10 years does not a tradition make. The are in a big hole relative to the traditional aspects of the club. [/QUOTE]

I think we're pretty much on the same page - see comments above.
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