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"Market the team and the experience, focusing on the core fanbase and attracting families, not marketing to fleeting fans who go away when things don't go as planned."

This couldn't possibly be more short-sighted. Part of the problem is that the Sox have a small(er) fan base and are far less popular than the Cubs. The Sox need to work their tails off to expand it and ditch this perception that the park is filled with Ligues. They need to make it the Cell a destination for die-hard and casual fans a like. Hopefully, the fan base grows to the point where they still draw even when things don't go well. They're in NO position to micro-market to a dwindling, fickle, fan base. They need to do whatever it takes to make the team/ballpark experience one that appeals to everyone (or most everyone).

Again, why do you care so much about the "Chads and Trixies" (whatever that means) or hangers on? Stop worrying so much about everyone else and be happy when the Cell draws a big crowd. Who knows? That 'bro in the cargo shorts and ironic 80s Sox jersey that you probably dismiss as a "Chad" might be a well-informed, life-long, fan.
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