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Originally Posted by MISoxfan View Post
So what? Just because Flowers had a good first week we're supposed to be extra cautious with our enthusiasm for Phegley?

Are we supposed to do this for anyone who comes up and hits 3 hrs in his first week, or just Phegley because he happens to play the same position as Flowers?
It's a matter of perspective. Flowers' first five games were better offensively than Phegley's first five games, although Phegley hit one more home run. Phegley has an unimpressive batting average, and his on-base percentage is lower than his batting average. I don't know if Flowers had two passed balls in his first five games.

I'm happy for a fellow IU allum and hope he develops into a solid major leaguer, but the excitement over his offense is out of proportion to what he has done offensively.
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