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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
Tuffy Rhodes was being heralded as Babe Ruth after one game.

We are looking nearly as silly.

Flowers homered in the opener. Some likely thought, "Well, it was OK to not have AJ!"

Not saying Phegley won't be good or even great, but come on. Let's not sound like people posting on the Sox page on Facebook.
The Flowers home run in the opener drove in the only run in a 1-0 game. The Flowers home run in the season's second game put the Sox ahead for good. After only a few games of Flowers starting, things were looking good for him offensively. He was getting other hits, but at the time, the Sox weren't doing a very good job at getting men on base. What the White Sox had to start the season as catcher was a huge part of their offense. That pretty much dissipated when the Sox hit the road after winning 4 of their first 6.

I actually like Phegley. I hope he turns out to be the best IU baseball product since Ted Kluszewski. I hope Phegley hits more World Series home runs in a White Sox uniform than Kluszewski did (I think Kluszewski holds the team record with 3 in 6 games). But Phegley isn't tearing the cover off the ball. He has a batting average of .200 and an on-base percentage of .190. He has 50 percent more strikeout than hits. He appears to have a better swing than Flowers. He even appears to make more contact, though I don't know if that can be shown statistically.

I have no problem with fans getting excited over players. After Daryl Boston's first game, I was excited for the future. Hitting leadoff, he tripled in his first major league at bat and ended up going 3-for-5. At this moment, Tyler Flowers has a better batting average than Phegley. Johnny Bench was a long time ago, but Phegley doesn't compare to what Buster Posey did for the Giants when he came up in May 2010.

Really, Phegley isn't a quantum improvement over Flowers (who, as I posted in the opening day game thread, is no Posey). I see more potential in Phegley than Flowers. If I were seeing Buster Posey potential or even Johnny Bench potential I might be excited.

As it is, I haven't jumped on the bandwagon and can only hope it runs long enough that I can be late jumping on.
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