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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
Sure, if he's not pitching. So just hold him til next year, if that's the case. There was no point in holding Thornton until next year; now we could have held him for a few weeks, which, plus the emails, suggests to me we were salary dumping him. But it would be an outrage to salary dump Peavy.

I think Jacobs is a decent pickup anyway. He shares the profile of a lot of our recent high round draft choices, he's young, he's not washed out and he has identifiable baseball skills. He may not amount to anything, but he isn't a Zack Stewart either.
It would. I don't have a problem with them dumping Thornton's salary because he is overpaid. At this point in his career, Thornton is a situational pitcher, but he's being paid like a closer -- which he never was even in his prime. Nothing wrong with getting that contract outta here.

Peavy, in contrast, is a No. 2 starter with a No. 2 starter's contract. He's making some bucks, sure, but he produces when he's on the field. The injury complicates matters, but at least it's not an arm injury. If Hahn can't get real value for Peavy now, he should hold him until the offseason. If Peavy comes back healthy and throws well the second half, trade him in December.
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