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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
IMO, This is where we have to give Rick Hahn a little leeway.

He's still cleaning up after Kenny's mess. Once we clear some contracts and he has some room to make moves, then we can judge if he'll be more of the same, or be the young forward-thinking GM he was hired to be.
Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
Originally Posted by cards press box View Post
I get it -- that's a reference to the White Flag trade, right? The Sox have made a few shrewd moves since 1997, though. For example, KW's moves in the offseason before 2005 are perhaps the best and most productive deals that any White Sox G.M. has made in one off-season.

So, for now, until we have evidence that Rick Hahn can't rebuild this team, I am going to continue to be "crazy" and hope that the White Sox find some offense to go with their fine pitching staff.

Championing Flyers, Viciedo, et al as the future core when the book was already out on those how bad those guys are is pretty damning evidence in the "I can't do this job" category. Just because someone doesn't have a lot to work with doesn't mean that can't make things worse. It's time to cut Hahn loose, it's obvious he doesn't have the ability to judge young talent.
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