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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
The thing is, Keppinger's been awful defensively throughout his career. But Hahn isn't the first guy to not see (or simply ignore) that from players - the Red Sox signed the defensively horrific Lugo to a big contract a while back.
And it could be that Hahn knew this team wasn't much and wasn't ready to win, so he didn't want to throw a resources into it. As it is, the young pitching has matured nicely (Quintana, Santiago, Jones), but the young hitting deteriorated (Viciedo, Flowers)....those guys weren't busts prior to this year, if they are now. And most of all, we turned into a lousy defensive team that runs bases like a bunch of clowns.
He replaced Morel's defense with Keppinger and AJ's with Flowers. That alone was pretty bone-headed. Expecting them to make up for the offensive loss was part two of his baseball acumen.

Viciedo and Flowers aren't busts, they're never weres. The book on both was career minor leaguer before either got called up. Yeah, they had the power tool early. But neither had the skill to adjust. So, yeah, that's a pretty ****-poor job of evaluating players. Asserting otherwise is getting pretty tiring. It's obvious that the talent evaluators outside our organization were right to say these guys didn't belong on a ball field. It's time to accept that. It's not like there was debate. It was the world against our organization. Whether it's stubborness or a lack of ability to evaluate, it's pretty obvious that those players and our management all need to go for this to stop.
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