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Originally Posted by Madvora View Post
Nobody at the game wants an interview going on right it front of them. Nobody watching TV wants to hear an interview. Focus on the damn game.
Yeah, I love to see the Cubs, their ballpark, and their staff look bad as much as anyone. But, i have to agree with the usher here. There's live action going on as they are speaking and the reporter is standing blocking people's view.

Telling the usher "we're on television" with a dickish grin doesn't make him right.

White Sox Baseball
# of teams with a longer playoff drought = 3:
San Diego (2006), Miami (2003), Seattle (2001).....that is all

# of teams with fewer playoff appearances since 1995 = 5:
Kansas City* (2), Toronto* (1), Miami (2), Washington (2), Milwaukee (2)....that is all

# of Sox seasons in the this decade that were arguably dismal failures = 4:
2011, 2013, 2014, 2015

Conclusion: Blame Sox fans for not showing up to enough games

* in the playoffs this year
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