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Originally Posted by Stanley View Post
I just read that quote by Votto last night, which only made me dislike him more. He really sounds like a jerk going by all the interviews I've read with him. Aside from being the most overrated player in MLB (oh but look at his OPS!), the dude can not pass up an opportunity to say something stupid or mean. Chris Davis did not ask for any stat or rule change, he just gave an honest answer to a stupid question.

I wish Votto would take his super cool OPS, disappointing power numbers and his 250 mil. and kiss da asscheeks.
Yeah I heard about the Votto comments on the radio. I also look at Votto differently because of that. I'm pulling for Davis to hit 62 and I bet the Maris family is too. I don't think they were to happy when McGwire broke the record.
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