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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
Another site I read, which positively gushed on Profar before the 2013 season began, said his ceiling is Alan Trammel or Barry Larkin. But lately he's looked more like Ozzie Guillen.

We traded Lamarr Hoyt for Ozzie. That trade worked out for the Sox because Hoyt's drug problem forced him out of the game. If Hahn and the Sox medical staff think Sale really is a ticking time bomb, then they would be foolish not to consider "selling high." But Sale is profiling like Randy Johnson right now. If Sale gets dealt and wins multiple Cy Young Awards, and all the Sox get in return for him is another Ozzie, the franchise would be set back for the next decade.
That's the big question, what's his future health? He could be an All-Star 12 times before he retires, he has the "stuff." He has already made it twice and will be up for sone Cy Young awards here soon. However, he could be done in a year or two. Who knows!

We could also be having this discussion again every year based on how we're playing and his future signability (way off in the distance there). Hopefully of that's the case, we can re-write parts of the deal and add years.

Originally Posted by A. Cavatica View Post
There has to be more interest in Sale than any other player right now.

#1 starter? Check.
Lefthanded? Check.
Young? Check.
Cost-controlled? Check.
Controlled by an organization with a terrible record of talent evaluation, who might just give him away for peanuts? Check.
I think you'll see some clubs back off because of injury potential. If pairing him with Rios got us a nice return for Rios as well, that increased value also factors in. It would be interesting to see the WAR of Sale vs the war if any proposed trade bait in 2015 and on. That's not the only metric to use since a guy like Sale will be key in 1-game playoffs and "must-win" issues, but increasing g our win total is #1 priority.
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