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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
wow.... I LOVE Chris Sale, I am as high on him as anyone.... but Top 3...... Right Now????? Maybe in a couple of years......

Right now I would say he is Top 8, and that is fantastic....But given the chance, would you pass on Kershaw, Harvey, King Felix, Verlander, Darvish? Maybe, he is certainly in the convo, I just think top 3 is a stretch, maybe top 5, surely top 8.
I'll go with the 1st 4 being better.
Verlander's dipped badly this season.
Darvish lacks consistency, but he's arguably better.
Top 8 is safe...but that's damn good and simply worth more than any team is willing to pay. He's worth more than 3-4 elite prospects plus a couple of Bs, and I doubt a team will give 2 elites.
We don't need major leaguers in return, unless they are high-end cost controlled guys; but contenders won't trade them to us. We don't need their surplus, mediocre players or declining veterans..we have an abundance of those categories already.
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