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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
If teams forfeited games for having participants who test positive for banned substances, which is pretty much the way it goes at the amateur level, teams would have more reason to care about players using banned substances. Some fans want to take away Barry Bonds home runs, but you really can't do that unless you take away the Giants wins that were aided by Barry Bonds' home runs.

Logistically, if the problem is widespread, that doesn't work because if you tested after every game, the team forfeiting would sometimes have to forfeit as well. And its a long season.

In football, with no team playing more than one game a week, it would be easier to test every player before and after games. But America really doesn't care about football players using banned substances.
I've never understood this mentality. Person cheats in baseball, they are scum and are in par with thieves and adulterers. NFL DPOY gets caught doing the EXACT same thing and it isn't even in the top half of the sports center broadcast. Just doesn't make sense.
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