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Originally Posted by Boondock Saint View Post
There's a difference between defending your friend and going all, "All you people" on everybody.
He called out MLB and Cable sports(read: ESPN) after braun was found not guilty. I don't see that as going "All you people" on everybody, more of a "I told you so" type of thing. Like i said, he went over the top.

This is what he said shortly after the braun test was leaked:

"I was very surprised the news came out the way it did. You would think that there would be some sort of confidentiality surrounding the situation because he is appealing it. Other than that, I don't really want to comment a whole lot on the allegations or whatnot. I would say I 100% support Ryan and believe in him and it's not going to affect our friendship in the least. I'm 100% supporting him and behind him and believe in everything that he says.
"I've known Ryan for a while now, and we've spent a lot of time hanging out. I've been in the locker room, and I've seen him working out and stuff. It's just ridiculous the allegations. ... I don't know exactly what all is out there, but I just am trusting that my good friend has not been using anything illegal, and I'm very confident that's the case because I know how much he cares about the integrity of the game and wouldn't do anything to jeopardize that."

Again, to me, that is simply a guy defending his friend.
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