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Originally Posted by hawkjt View Post
McGrath was wrong on several fronts.

1. That Hawk never praises the opposing players in a series....that is such BS. Hawk has probably said 100 times this year that Miggy Cabrera could be the greatest hitter of all praise? He gushes about opposing players constantly,to where I got sick of hearing how great Punta was.
McGrath is wrong.

2. Hawk is not self-depracating.....***? He constantly says that he would have no shot vs Stoney curve ball. Or that he could not hit certain pitchers with a canoe paddle. He talks of some of his exploits on the field but does not dwell on them as much as the greats, Mantle,Howard,ect.

3. McGrath calls him a liar....prove it,Danny Boy. He basically accuses Hawk of making up stories with famous people,but if he is going to do that,he better have some evidence of this....he does not cite anything.

B & B are turds. They hate Hawk. They are the ultimate in thin-skin.
Now, they love to hammer Hawk constantly.
Bernstein says that all of Hawk stories are made up,period.
He is saying it right now. me,Danny boy.
You hit on everything I felt after reading that pile of trash McGrath wrote. Also, MacNeil and Spiegel had the producer of the Hawk documentary on as a guest and Spiegel tried to hint that maybe Hawk made up some of his stories about being offered the Red Sox manager job twice. The producer said they checked with Red Sox beat writers from that era who confirmed what Hawk was saying was absolutely true. The producer said they never encountered any evidence that suggested Hawk was lying during his documentary. They said you could tell that Hawk was "reliving" the moments when telling the stories and not just remembering them. Spiegel backed off the accusations after that.
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