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Originally Posted by EMachine10 View Post
They are 2 guys with good, live arms. They have much better projection than, say, a Kyle McCollugh - a blah, uninspiring pitcher with little to no ability to overpower a hitter. Sure, everybody has a chance to be an "ace." But, realistically, not everybody has the potential.
I guess to me, to use the term "front-line potential" I need more than "damn that kid has a good arm". I want something atleast somewhat projectable. I would agree, they are 2 of the more intriguing prospects in our system, and maybe one day they could have that, but based purely on the stuff tool, it is just too soon.

The reason I say at that point you have to say everyone has the potential is, for example, as a very young prospect, who said Kyle McCollugh could not be another Mark Buehrle. Softer tosser, location specialist with movement, average at best stuff tool. But you can't project that all.
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