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Don't look back!

Remember when the Sun-Times ran that headline when comparing the 2005 White Sox to the 1969 Cubs? And how apt it was, seeing as how the 2005 White Sox performed the most spectacular choke in baseball history! YES!

Whoa. Sorry. I just confused reality with Chicago media wet dreams. Anyway, I am reviving that quaint l'il headline to do our 1970-2013 comparison.

After 100 games:

1970 White Sox 34-66 GB 30.5

2013 White Sox 40-60 GB 16

So the 2013ers are ahead of the record pace. On the other hand, they are still on a pace to lose 100 games, which they have not done since that wonderous 1970 season. But at least the 1970 team was composed of MEN. They CARED. They just weren't in it for the money. They wanted to play. Not like this gutless, heartless, brainless, listless lessless collection of dopes. The 1970 Sox lost 106 games, but every single one of those glorious 106 losses was accomplished with heart.
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