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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
Ease up. As a point of discussion, it is an interesting topic. The original poster wasn't necessarily suggesting it happen, but rather was asking about the concept. It isn't entirely unheard in other sports, as has been pointed out. On the otherhand, as others have mentioned, the rules in the CBA would never allow it along with some of the logistics regarding overuse on pitchers. All that said, there have been cases of "under the table" renting of players for half seasons. I can think of a number of examples of trades where the player was to become a free agent and re-signed with the original team after the end of the season.
I agree - very interesting topic - and the OP should be commended for thinking of something to discuss that isn't related to how bad we're playing. The problem is that you would have a few teams that would rent much more talent than everyone else (ex. Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers) because they can afford to. Even if they made the renters recognize the rented player's full contract as part of that year's salary, those teams have shown they aren't afraid to pay luxury taxes. It would be interesting to see the thoughts of small-market teams if they'd like to shed more salary at the end of the year, albeit it hurting their attendance.

My question for soccer fans: is the rental of most players going to different leagues. For example, would Team A in League 1 most likely rent their player to Team B in League 2.
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