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Originally Posted by soxfanreggie View Post
I agree - very interesting topic - and the OP should be commended for thinking of something to discuss that isn't related to how bad we're playing. The problem is that you would have a few teams that would rent much more talent than everyone else (ex. Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers) because they can afford to. Even if they made the renters recognize the rented player's full contract as part of that year's salary, those teams have shown they aren't afraid to pay luxury taxes. It would be interesting to see the thoughts of small-market teams if they'd like to shed more salary at the end of the year, albeit it hurting their attendance.

My question for soccer fans: is the rental of most players going to different leagues. For example, would Team A in League 1 most likely rent their player to Team B in League 2.
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Chelsea, for example, loaned out one of their most promising young strikers to a lesser Premier League team last season. Romelu Lukaku scored 17 goals for West Brom, ranking 6th in the league (and above anyone for Chelsea). But in terms of numbers, most of the younger players like him are being loaned out to lower league sides. Also, it's a bit harder for foreign players to get work visas in the UK, so often younger players will be acquired and loaned out for a year or two until they're able to get a visa. Or other players will just go out on loan to foreign teams for other reasons.
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