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Originally Posted by BRDSR View Post
I'm sure there's some reason that nobody's ever done this (that I know of), but what would prevent the White Sox from "renting" Chris Sale to another team for one or two season?

Think about it like renting an apartment you bought for cheap in a recently-turned-upscale neighborhood...Sale is owed 3.5m next year and 6.0m the year after. He's worth much more than that. The White Sox are not going to contend in 2014 under any circumstances, and are probably not going to contend in 2015. Why can't the White Sox rent Chris Sale to another team for that period for market value (let's say, just for argument's sake, 9.0m each year), and then get him back for 2016? The White Sox make a profit of 8.5m on a great contract over a two-year period, Sale gets to pitch for a contender, and then the White Sox get him back when they're a contender again.

Like I said, I'm sure there's a reason this can't be done. But if it could, it seems like a great idea!
Sounds like someone's been reading about the Negro Leagues again?
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