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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
Lincecum is in his contract year. No skin off the Giants back. ...
You can't be suggesting that the Giants know that throwing too many pitches in one game will permanently damage a pitcher and they allowed Lincecum to be damaged because his career as a Giant is finished.

The Giants at the time of Lincecum's no-hitter actually had hopes of contending. But this season for the Giants has been as bad as this season for the White Sox, relative to expectations. Being swept by the Cubs at home probably ended any hopes that even the most optimistic had that the Giants would get back in the race, but that was after Lincecum's no-hitter.

There were additional circumstances to the game that many who only look at pitch counts miss.. It was Lincecum's last start before the All-Star Break. He was going to get at least a week's rest.

Taking Lincecum out of the game when he wanted very much to stay in the game, in his free agent year, could have inspired resentment against the only organization he has ever played for. If the Giants re-sign Lincecum, they will only do so on their own terms. Not that such a consideration was primary in Bruce Bochy's mind, but it had to be part of the framework he was working under. Bochy was a pretty good catcher before becoming a very good manager.

On a related topic (although this might be a response to a barely on-topic concept), I am happy to see the Nationals looking like they won't make the postseason a season after they looked like they had the inside track to the World Series before shutting down Strasburg because of an arbitrary innings limit. Maybe people will come to see they aren't helping the game by setting limits on pitchers that have more to do with the work they put in than how well they are pitching.
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