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After 109 games, the 1970 Sox were 38-71. Sweet Lou went 4 for 5 as the Royals, in their 2nd season of existence, beat the Sox 7-2 in game #109. Attendance at "White Sox Park" was 3,587!

We're only 2 games back! I don't know whether to scream, laugh, or cry. least the fans in 1970 had Nancy Faust.

Originally Posted by Irishsox1 View Post
This is the worst Sox team I have seen ever in my life. Worse than the 1989 Sox.
I actually enjoyed watching the '89 Sox. Unlike this year's team, they had an exciting core of young talent.

Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
I appreciate the sarcasm, it gave me a badly needed laugh. I still prefer the 1970 team to this years vintage. They just might be the first Sox team in over 50 years of fandom that I actually don't like. Brainless listless lessless? Yeah that about describes them on the baseball field.
What about the 2011 White Sox? While not as bad as this year's team, that team quit just about every time they trailed in a game and had a manager who spent the season with one foot on a plane to Miami. They were pretty unlikeable/unwatchable.

Two unlikeable, unwatchable teams in the last 3 seasons - wow! Why won't Sox fans support their team? The only explanation I can think of is a lousy fan base.
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